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Specialized tractors, articulated tractors, reversibles tractors, bidirectionals tractors, transporter tractors, narrow tractors, polyvalent tractors and much more

Antonio Carraro tractors offers a full range of specialized, reversibles, bidirectionals tractors for green area upkeeping, roadways and urban cleaning. Antonio Carraro provides the best solution for operators who works on specialized agriculture field such as orchards and vineyards as well as on steep or rugged terrains.

Antonio Carraro tractors offer many advantages when compared to traditional tractors, they are compact, powerful, low-profile, stable on hills, fuel efficient and extremely reliable.

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Tractors features

Antonio Carraro Canada | Tracteur Oscillant TR, TTR & TRX de 52 à 99 Hp

Center of Gravity

All Antonio Carraro tractors are designed with a low center of gravity, which guarantees extra stability and therefore makes them very reliable for a wide range of uses.

Longitudinal Oscillation (ACTIO TM)

All Antonio Carraro tractors are capable of a longitudinal oscillation of up to 15 degrees in the chassis while keeping the wheels in constant contact with the ground, which ensures the best possible traction and control.

Antonio Carraro Canada | Tracteur SX 7800  de 71Hp

(RGS) Système de guide Réversible

The AC reversible driving system on a rotating turret which inverts the driving direction in just a few seconds in order to work efficiently with towed or frontal equipment.

50/50 Weight Distribution

The tractors are designed with 60% of the weight carried on the front and 40% on the rear when no equipment has been added; however, when they are fitted with an accessory, the weight is distributed 50/50 between the front and rear, which contributes to better traction and stability.

Antonio Carraro Canada | Tracteur Mach 4

A Genuine 4-Wheel Drive

All Antonio Carraro tractors are indeed 4X4, not 3-wheel drive like most of the competition's products.

Turning Radius

Antonio Carraro tractors have a very tight turning radius making them perfect for working in tight or narrow spaces.

Exceptional Ground Clearance

Antonio Carraro tractors have enviable ground clearance. E.g.: with the TRG tractor, the ground clearance is 410mm or 16.1 inches when it is equipped with 320/70R20 front tires and 360/70R24 rear tires.

Agricultural machinery for orchards and vineyards, municipal works, sidewalk snow removal, park maintenance, forestry work

Antonio Carraro tractors come with unique features that cannot be found anywhere else on the Canadian market. Compact, powerful, low-profile, stable on hills, fuel efficient and extremely reliable, they offer many advantages when compared to traditional tractors. They have already proven their effectiveness in the world of specialized tractors in orchards and vineyards.

Antonio Carraro Canada | Tracteur SRX Tora 5800 & 6800

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