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Antonio Carraro Canada

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Our Company and Our Mission

Managed by Distribution, Importation Jean Gagnon Inc., we import and distribute specialized Antonio Carraro tractors throughout Canada to meet growing demand in the industry. With an impressive inventory of original parts, we are able to guarantee procurement to dealers so that you can use your machine as soon as possible.

The corporate head office, located in Campodarsego in the Province of Padua in Italy, has been operating its factory since 1910 and its tractors have been imported and sold in Canada for over 40 years now; basically, since the mid-70s.

Antonio Carraro Spa's factory is a modern, state-of-the-art facility with a quick and efficient production and manufacturing line designed on the basis of principles established by Porsche in Stuttgart, including Kai Zen, which equates to constant improvement.

Antonio Carraro tractors come with unique features that cannot be found anywhere else on the Canadian market. Compact, powerful, low-profile, stable on hills, fuel efficient and extremely reliable, they offer many advantages when compared to traditional tractors. They have already proven their effectiveness in the world of specialized tractors in orchards and vineyards.

Our network of dealers and personnel receive regular factory training sessions in order to perfectly meet our clientele's needs.

Antonio Carraro Canada | Tracteur Oscillant TR, TTR & TRX de 52 à 99 Hp
Antonio Carraro Canada | Tracteur SX 7800  de 71Hp


When Giovanni Carraro started building tractors in 1910, his vision was to manufacture a unique and functional machine that would make it easy to get the job done efficiently. His tradition and philosophy were passed on to his son Antonio Carraro who took over the business in the 1960s. Today, with the help of his family, he continues the tradition all the while fostering continuous innovation, which makes Antonio Carraro Tractors the undisputed industry leader.

Powerful narrow tractors, transporter tractors, bidirectional tractors

Specialized tractors in orchards and vineyards, compact, low-profile, stable on hills, fuel efficient and extremely reliable